Digital Trends for Organization in 2017

Digital Trends for Organization in 2017

Digital Trends for Organization in 2017


With the way the world is changing it has become a necessity for marketers to adapt to that change, and that is when digital comes into play. Giving you the freedom of converting leads and branding at the same time, the reality of digital is that it doesn’t move, it skyrockets. The party is on 24*7 in social media & it all depends on the brand how they join the party and rule it.


This year starting with VR, Live Sessions, mobile marketing and user experience it is our duty to keep you in loop of different changes happening in real time.


In store Marketing


In store marketing may not sound like a branch of digital marketing but the relationship between both is getting narrower day by day, with almost 85% of youth population being in social out of which 70% wants location based alerts, for organizations using digital marketing for promotion, instore apps help the company to generate leads


Live Videos


With more and more consumers spending higher time on digital, they want to connect better with the brand and consume their stories. This has given rise to the Live platforms where apps like Facebook and Periscope are getting better generating more results for the brands, the number is such that there has been a rise of around 50% from last year


Earlier this year, BuzzFeed broadcasted a Facebook Live video of people placing elastic bands around a watermelon, eventually causing it to burst. According to reports, audiences tuned in for an average of 40 minutes without even realizing it. Live video broadcasting is expected to ramp up even more in 2017.


Interactive Content


In the current digital landscape engagement is everything. With more and more organizations opting for conversion, marketers are not only focusing on organic content but also an engaging one, which forces the consumers to take action on their posts. It increases the number to 70% chances of conversion, no mean feat. Thus the organizations are giving away to traditional marketing and opting for Digital.


Artificial Intelligence


Confused? Artificial Intelligence made the cut for the sheer reason of having beyond human level of optimizing large sizes of data, analyzing each of them and providing the best results of target audience to execute intelligent and better campaign for higher conversion rates.


This ability of niche targeting proves to be a game changer when it comes to digital, together with big data and machine learning digital will revolutionize the way marketing is done.


With such trends coming in, the future of digital looks brighter than the marketers anticipated 5 years ago. Stay tuned to learn more.