Search Engine Optimisation

Thousands of your potential customers are using search engines every day. We make sure they find you and not your competitors..

Organic search visibility is no longer a “nice-to-have” but a business necessity. If you aren’t investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can be sure your competitors will be.

SEO is a complex, rapidly changing but vital part of the digital marketing mix. It isn’t just about keywords and links anymore. Information such as user location, mobility and search history are available to the search engines before the user has even typed a query. And this information is being used to serve increasingly personalised results. Therefore you don’t just need to optimise for keywords, but for user intent and context too.

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In addition to all of this, the way in which search results appear is also changing. We use innovative markup to allow “rich snippets” such as star ratings, author photos and video thumbnails to show in search results and steal clicks away from your competitors.

Our team of SEO experts will work with you to understand your business objectives and to formulate a bespoke strategy that best executes them. We look at your current situation and formulate a creative plan to get you where you want to be, whether you need Crawl Rate Optimisation, Local SEO, Video Optimisation, Content Optimisation, Domain Strengthening or link profile clean up, our team live and breathe SEO and are constantly on the look-out for new and innovative ways for you to increase your organic visibility.

Technical site audits

We carry out site audits to make sure there are no technical issues that may be holding your site back in terms of organic performance and rankings. We look at a number of on-site factors such as crawling, title tags, on page optimisation, internal linking and duplicate content. This allows us to pinpoint any potential issues and create a plan of action for fixing them, giving the site optimum performance.

On-Site Optimisation

Simply pointing links at a site doesn’t work anymore, and these days on-site optimisation is fundamental to good organic performance. Without key elements that are optimised with both Google and site visitors in mind, your site will not perform as well as it could.

On every site we work on, we will ensure that key elements including title tags, H1, internal linking, images, content are all optimised correctly. We will also ensure that any content issues arising from duplication are dealt with in the correct way. Optimising your site is a key step in to high-level organic performance and we ensure this is up to speed in the early stages of any project we undertake.

Click-through rate optimisation

Standing out on search engine results pages has become increasingly difficult in recent years with a number of additions such as maps, shopping results and paid ads all competing with organic search results. We will write great meta descriptions and use the latest in schema mark up to ensure your site stands out and have a proven track record in increasing click-through rate in competitive niches, even for sites that are already ranking at #1.

Call Tracking

Attributing calls to a marketing source can be vitally important when trying to calculate and improve ROI. Thanks to our call tracking service, you’ll know exactly what marketing activity brought a lead to you, right down to a specific keyword.

This enables us to significantly improve your lead quality by analysing the sources of quality leads and sales but it enables you to adjust your campaigns. For the better.

Crawl rate optimization

Many large sites should have crawl rate optimisation as a priority. By tracking, monitoring and focusing on where search engine bots are going on your site, it’s possible to make your site more succinct to ensure visitors only look at important pages and don’t waste your crawl budget going over similar or paginated content. This can increase the rate at which your site is visited and indexed, giving you an advantage over your competition.

Local Search

Local search has become a priority for businesses providing local services or looking to attract visitors to their premises. With mobile search on the increase and 4 out of 5 searches having local intent, your business can’t afford to not to have a local search presence. We have tried and tested local search methods that ensure you stand out on the map listings including quality citations and a Google review strategy.


As well as carrying out all elements of a successful SEO we also offer consultancy services that bring a fresh pair of eyes to your existing efforts.

We will get to know and understand your current SEO presence and offer advice and strategy to not only help your current efforts but improve your organic presence moving forward. We have experience across all elements of site optimisation so will be able to compliment your projects to whatever level required.

Penalty prevention and removal

Google Penalties are now commonplace for sites that have actively engaged in Black Hat or Grey Hat SEO techniques in the past. But you don’t have to have been engaged in such ‘dubious’ practices to earn a Google Penalty. You could receive one in all innocence thanks to the ever-evolving nature of Google’s algorithms.

We have experience in assessing where a site fails to meet Google best practice and guidelines, identifying and remedying any issues that may have caused a penalty as well as getting penalties lifted and getting your ranking and traffic back on track.

As well as providing removal and clean up services, we will help advise on how best to future proof your site from future updates or changes to the algorithm.


Whilst on site optimisation is important, so is being to able to assess the results of any on-going on site work. Our reporting and evaluation services allow you to see what’s working, what isn’t and what needs to be enhanced and modified over time to ensure optimum performance. By evaluating organic traffic, ranking, results click through rates and landing pages we can help your organic optimisation and get the most from your analytics data.


Video is a great way to deliver engaging content across multiple platforms. Unfortunately many brands and companies struggle to generate any ROI. A lack of technical implementation, market research and understanding of the customer needs are the main reasons why people do not see a profit on their initial investment.

Our holistic approach to video brings benefits to other areas of your online presence such as SEO with rich snippets, Email Marketing with int

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